Waitemata DHB has used Smartpage Clinical over the past three years to transform their after-hours services at North Shore and Waitakere hospitals.

Recently Waitemata has used Smartpage’s Hospital-At- Night functionality to implement a clinical coordinator role, to oversee, coordinate and manage levels of high clinical workload.

Smartpage is a tier one critical application for us. The downtime has been very, very little. In the scheme of things it has been a fantastic, reliable product.
— Stuart Bloomfield, CIO, Waitemata DHB

As Jo Blomfield, Clinical Coordinator says, “Smartpage improves the safety of the patient, creates more efficient teams, and lets us manage time better. The end result is that everything is quicker, and doctors are more efficient.”

Jo says that Smartpage is easy to use and has really improved communication and safety at Waitemata. “Communication has improved as well as patient safety, as prioritising care is easier. Smartpage allows you to have really quick communication. Nurses love how easy it is to use, and that you can see the doctor is replying to you. Smartpage is so good every hospital should be using it.”

Doctors at Waitemata DHB have reported significant time savings and improved communication, with up to 15-20 minutes of time saved every hour.

Stuart Bloomfield, CIO, believes Smartpage has produced real cost savings at Waitemata DHB, as well as improved outcomes. “There’s evidence to suggest it’s saved us an FTE. Not having to put on an additional doctor, that’s where the cost savings are. Optimising the use of the resources we have, getting to the patient quicker and at the right time with existing staff numbers is a cost saving.” 

This is one of the best things they’ve done at this hospital
— Staff Nurse, Waitemata DHB