At Smartpage we create modern clinical messaging systems that improve communication, make hospitals better, and save lives.


Modern clinical messaging The next generation replacement for hospital paging and orderly management

A better hospital Clear communication, instant collaboration, safe handover

Tried and tested Over four million messages a year in five of New Zealand and Australia's largest hospitals


Guaranteed messaging Lightning fast message delivery, with a 100% delivery guarantee

Job satisfaction Easier shifts, with 15 minutes per hour saved and 50% more work done

Secure and encrypted Designed from the ground up for comprehensive patient data security


Smartpage is the best system we have here.

Smartpage is a modern clinical paging solution that provides comprehensive, safe and instant messaging with vital signs, early warning scores, read-receipts and instant two-way replies. Cloud based and easy to install it provides real-time updates for co-ordinators and team members. Easy Hospital at Night, with full oversight into hospital workload and task progress via clinical coordinators will help prevent adverse patient events. 

Smartpage Clinical is the next generation web and smartphone messaging platform that replaces hospitals pagers

- Instant two way messaging

- Secure photo messaging

- Workflow and productivity tools

- Comprehensive clinical handover



Smartpage makes us more faster and efficient.

Smartpage allows for easy electronic orderly requests directly from the ward, radiology, or ED. This instant messaging solution will improve the efficiency of orderly services to high cost areas such as Radiology, Theatre and ED. Cloud based and easy to install it provides full visibility to the ward, the destination and the dispatcher with real time updates across the hospital.

Smartpage Orderly is the next generation orderly management platform for e-ordering and mobile dispatch.

- Ward based electronic orderly ordering

- Instant mobile dispatching

- Self and auto dispatch modes

- Visibility into tasks all over the hospital



Smartpage has the real potential to save lives.

Smartpage provides instant messaging for emergency teams. Cloud based and easy to install it provides r  eal-time updates for dispatchers and team members. Team members have   complete visibility of who is responding, their roles and the ability to communicate while in transit to the patient.

Smartpage Emergency is the next generation replacement for critical emergency pagers

- Drop in emergency replacement

- 100% delivery guarantee

- Lightning fast emergency messaging

- Instant team read and activation receipts


It’s impossible to think about going back to a paging system when this is just so much more efficient.
— Kyle Perrin, Head of Medicine, Capital and Coast
Our doctors are now saving up to 20 minutes of time per hour.
— Jonathan Christiansen, Head of Medicine, Waitemata
Smartpage is so good every hospital should be running with it.
— Jo-Anne Blomfield, Clinical Coordinator, Waitemata
This is the best thing they’ve ever done in this hospital.
— Waitemata Staff Nurse

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