The ideal emergency system, with guaranteed messaging, instant delivery, and read-receipts.

Smartpage provides instant messaging for emergency teams. Cloud based and easy to install it provides r eal-time updates for dispatchers and team members. Team members have  complete visibility of who is responding, their roles and the ability to communicate while in transit to the patient.

A more reliable emergency system

Rock-solid emergency messaging with instant delivery and immediate read receipts. Faster and more reliable than legacy pagers, with 98% of messages delivered in under 2 seconds over 4G and W-Fi, and a 100% message delivery guarantee.

Immediate team responses

Real-time updates for dispatchers and team members, with instant notification of message delivery, read receipts, and confirmation that users are on their way. Team members can see in real-time who else is responding, their role and their name, and can contact them directly while on route.

A more useful emergency system

Provide your team with more clinical detail, with diverse emergency types and hospital locations. Dispatchers have full visibility into who is on the emergency team, and can oversee delivery and response to each emergency in real-time.

No installation or integration required

Smartpage Emergency is an easy, drop-in replacement for legacy emergency pagers. With cloud based technology, it can be implemented quickly, with no clinical integration or installation required.