The ideal hospital communication system, with comprehensive two way clinical messaging and task management.

Smartpage is a modern clinical paging solution that provides comprehensive, safe and instant messaging with vital signs, early warning scores, read-receipts and instant two-way replies. Cloud based and easy to install it provides real-time updates for co-ordinators and team members. Easy Hospital at Night, with full oversight into hospital workload and task progress via clinical coordinators will help prevent adverse patient events. 


The ideal replacement for legacy pagers, with modern clinical paging on PC, Tablet and Smartphone. Comprehensive, safe, instant communication, with NHI integration, vital signs, early warning scores, read- receipts, and instant two way replies.

Instant message your team

Use your mobile to directly contact other clinicians with our secure in-hospital messaging network. Coordinate easily with your coworkers and clinical team using instant group chat and photo messaging. 

Share tasks and handover safely

Clinical handover made easy, with simple and comprehensive task-sharing and handover. Real-time work-load sharing and forwarding, detailed support for critical shift handovers, and safe and easy creation of review lists for future shifts. 

Integrate clinically, and receive updates automatically

Attach clinical summaries to your page, or automatically include a patient's vital signs. Receive push notifications for important results, with updates for important blood tests or scan results as soon as they're available.

Overview hospital operations

Easy Hospital At Night, with full oversight into hospital workload and task progress via clinical coordinators. Coordinators can help out busy clinicians, coordinate via instant messaging and group chat, and transfer tasks between team members on the fly.

Easy to install and STRAIGHTFORWARD to use

Cloud based technology makes Smartpage easy to install. No installation, simple integration, and best in class reliability. A simple and intuitive interface means that Smartpage is easy to use; If you've ever sent a text message you can use Smartpage.