Capital and Coast DHB has implemented Smartpage to transform their clinical and orderly systems over both Wellington and Kenepuru Hospitals. This case study focuses on the clinical implementation of Smartpage at Wellington Hospital from Hospital Management and the nursing staff.

The Head of Medicine, Dr Kyle Perrin, says that Smartpage has significantly improved efficiency and patient safety: “The quick resolution of issues is now happening on a continual basis. The efficiency of the doctors getting through their messages, getting back to the nurses, and getting their work done quickly has been a critical improvement.”

It’s impossible to think about going back to a paging system when this is just that much more efficient.
— Dr Kyle Perrin, Head of Department for Medicine, Capital and Coast DHB

Dr Perrin also says that Smartpage has improved patient flow. “The major things hospitals are interested in are safety and patient flow. Smartpage saves time but also makes a difference to patient flow. There has been really positive feedback right from the word go.”

Smartpage Orderly is now used in over 30 wards in Wellington and Kenepuru hospitals, with mobile orderlies being dispatched over 1,500 tasks a day. Security Orderly Manager Karemoana Matamua says it’s improved the efficiency of her staff, “Our staff can see their work flow better and the logistics of it all. It gives us a lot more patient information, and accurate details to get the job done.”

Reporting for Clinical and Orderly has been a key benefit for Capital and Coast. As Dr Perrin says: “Being able to get reporting on workloads has already proven really useful. We’re now going to look at ways we can improve the balance of work across the hospital to improve efficiency and patient safety.”

It’s a really great system, we all love it here. We can contact the doctors about our patients so much easier now.
— Ward Nurse, Capital and Coast